Our History

The Buzz Strong's Story

Carolee Weisberg, vice president of Buzz Strong’s LLC, began perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe at 12 years old. The Buzz Strong's brand name was inspired by her name at the time, Carolee Strong. After enjoying Carolee's gourmet talent for many years, in 1997, Carl Weisberg, president of Buzz Strong’s, struck upon the idea of combining Carolee's cookies with real coffee.

In 1998, after sampling the cookies on friends and family, the Buzz Strong's brand was created. During that first year almost 5,000 cookies were sold in the local area consisting of about 25,000 people. After many trials and extensive feedback, the decision was made that one cookie would be equal to one cup of coffee.

A 7 ounce box, containing 12 smaller cookies, was created for specialty grocery stores in 2008, with a coffee equivalence of four cookies to one cup of coffee. The Buzz Strong's Bakery line, without coffee, was also launched later that year in order to meet nutritional guidelines established by California Senate bill 12 (SB 12), for public schools.

Today, both lines of cookies can be found throughout the United States as healthy snack choices in schools, hospitals, businesses and other diverse venues.